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Morten Gildberg - Danish music composer.


With a solid classical background, combined with many years of work experience and a great love of music and the arts, Morten is able to provide you with a powerful and unique soundtrack for your project - film, television, stage, spoken word etc.


Morten's most recent compositions include the original scores for the short films The Wizard of OZcarThe Looper and The Divide as well as numerous high-quality production "library" tracks and an exclusive collection of beautiful Nature ART videos (YouTube).


What's new:

Apollo Live recently released the album Epic Film Drama, which features a total of 36 orchestral tracks. Listen to samples here.

Morten recently composed the music for The Wizard of OZcar - a beautiful 20-minute short film, which premiered at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles on April 11th.

"The Wizard of OZcar is an inspiring and uplifting film about learning the "magic" of living life. It takes place in a vibrant Gypsy camp where the story takes us on a 360 degree journey around a diverse bunch of unique characters."


The Divide, which premiered at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles on Feb. 22nd, has so far been admitted to several film festivals in 2014. (Click HERE to watch the official trailer.)